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About Us

Welcome to the Winters Mill School Counseling Office!

Mailing Address:
560 Gorsuch Road
Westminster, MD 21157

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Mission Statement
The mission of Winters Mill High's School Counseling Department is: Preparing students to be lifelong learners & responsible citizens in the community through a comprehensive program that will meet their academic, personal/social, and career needs.  
Counseling Beliefs
We take PRIDE in our counseling program knowing that all students can soar into his or her future equipped with the skills and knowledge they have gained through counseling lessons, groups, activities, and individual meetings.
We believe that every student has a PURPOSE:
-Every student possesses within himself or herself the power to control quality, growth, and satisfaction in his/her life.
-Every student is unique and has special abilities, talents, and interests that must be recognized and nurtured.
-Every student must be prepared to function in a rapidly changing, global society.
-Every student has dignity and worth.
We have PASSION in our school counseling program: 
-Our successful school counseling program requires the support and participation of all stakeholders.
-School counselors will take the time to develop and build a positive rapport with all of our students.
-Our program is data driven with continuous evaluatation of service delivery responsive to the needs of our diverse community.

School Counseling Department Contacts
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Crisis/Suicide Support

Elizabeth Price -       School Counselor
                                            Students: A-C                         
Jennifer Kempf -      School Counselor
                                           Students: D-J
Melisa Hannon-        School Counselor
                                            Students: K-Q
Amy Cattrano-           School Counselor
                                             Students: R-Z
Sharon Helwig -         Registrar
Greg Knill -                   Academic Facilitator
                                            Testing Coordinator
Bobbi Hollingsworth -   Career Connections Coordinator
Danielle Thomas -    School Psychologist
Heather Semies -      Pupil Personnel Worker
Sheri Hobson -           School Counseling Clerk