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Graduation Requirements

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Service Learning Requirements for Graduation

Service Learning
The Service-Learning Graduation Requirement was passed in 1992 by the Maryland State Department of Education. This requirement mandates that public school students earn a minimum of 75 hours of service-learning prior to graduation.

Definition of Service-Learning
Service-Learning is a teaching method that combines meaningful service to the community with curriculum-based learning. Students improve their academic skills by applying what they learn in school to the real world; they then reflect on their experience to reinforce the link between their service and their learning (Definition provided by Learning In Deed)

The Carroll County Service-Learning Program
The Carroll County Service-Learning Program is a blended program providing service-learning opportunities within the curriculum as well as encouraging students to be active volunteers in the community. Service-Learning is infused in approximately 30 middle and high school courses and within each course at the Carroll County Career and Technology Center. In addition, many school clubs and organizations are involved in service-learning projects in the community.

The Carroll County Service-Learning Guidelines outline a clear course of action for students to complete their service-learning requirement thru specified courses and an Exemplary Service Award Option for those students wishing to go over and above the mandated 75 hours. Students graduating from Carroll County High Schools earn approximately 150 service-learning hours, double the State requirement. Please refer to the Guidelines for specific information about:

Transfer Students (Guideline 5)
Approval of hours (Guideline 6)
Minimum number of hours to obtain senior status (Guideline 4)
Religious Activities (Guideline 6)
Courses in which service-learning hours are infused (right column)
Exemplary Service Award (right column)

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Tracking Service-Learning Hours
Course-related service-learning hours are automatically added (upon successful completion of the course) to the student’s permanent record and appear on each report card beginning in 6th grade. Hours are also placed on the student’s transcripts if they transfer out of the Carroll County School System.

Independent service-learning hours must be documented on a Service-Learning Reflection Form and returned to the Service-Learning Coordinator in the student’s school within one year from the date the service is performed. If you are not sure if a specific activity is acceptable, please check with the Service-Learning Coordinator in the student’s school.

For ideas about volunteer opportunities with Carroll County non-profit agencies, please visit the Volunteer Carroll web site at Please refer to Guideline 1 for specific information about volunteering independently with community agencies.