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Winters Mill High School is part of the Carroll County Public School System. It is a comprehensive high school in the Westminster, MD area, that opened in August, 2002. Located on Gorsuch Road, it serves the north central community of Carroll County. It has a functional capacity of 1200 students. Winters Mill started the first year with ninth and tenth grade students only. Each succeeding year one grade was added and full capacity was reached during the 2004–2005 school year.

Winters Mill is an academy school. An academy is an organizational tool which helps create a smaller learning environment for students. Academies increase relevance and rigor of the curriculum by focusing on career interests of students. Students will have an individual academic advisor to assist them in meeting the challenging course of study. The mascot is the falcon, and the school colors are burgundy, white, and silver.

The History of Winters Mill High School

The school is named after a grist mill that stood in the village of Cranberry. Winters Mill operated through most of the 1800's. The site was cleared in the 1920's to make way for the Westminster Water Treatment Plant. The original mill raceway, which brought water to the old mill, is still used to supply water to the plant for the City of Westminster.

Tremendous overcrowding in Westminster High School during the 1990's demanded a new school—Winters Mill. The student body comes from the City of Westminster and the central portion of Carroll County north to the Pennsylvania line.

All of the graduates of Westminster’s East Middle School move on to Winters Mill, with an additional 7% of the students coming from Westminster West Middle School.

Construction of Winters Mill High School began in the summer of 2000. It opened in the fall of 2002. The school opened with ninth and tenth grade students the first year. Each subsequent year an additional grade was added until the fall of 2004 when the student body became complete.